Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Mr. Sirius Black.

Yeah.. so.. at 25, I am finally going through the Harry Potter books. Yeah. I know. I should have been on this about 10 years ago. Better late then never though, I suppose.

I am really inspired by the vivid characters and visual storytelling. I can see why they are such a benchmark series. And of course, being a villainophile, I am obsessed with the entire "table of evil" in the book.. from Lucius to Voldemort, I am delighted with them all.

Sirus Black, however, is a good guy with some edge. Especially when he first shows up in The Prisoner of Azkaban.. all hollow-faced and wild-haired. He is kind of my crush. I liked him instantly. So, being inspired, I did a little sketch. This is only about 3 hours or so.. a bit slap-dash painted for my usual stuff. But he had to come out!

..And I know we all see him differently.  Such is the wonderful world of our imaginations.